Kara Kane

"Annoit the words so they reach people's hearts" (Bobby McFerrin)

Why does
Classical Music matter?

Teaching Artist Work

In 2006 I was sitting in a group conversation at Songfest in Malibu with composers John Harbison and Jake Heggie. Someone asked how they have been able to connect to their audiences. Mr Harbison shared a story about a kids concert he attended virtually. He was in his Boston studio saying hi to the audience of kids in LA when his cat walked across his piano. All of a sudden Mr Harbison and his music were real to them.  The kids went nuts. He went on to say that it is these personal connections that open  people to music. Music is a seed planted in homes, in local communities, and by family, friends and teachers.   
This is a question I have asked myself over and over. Some days I am connected to its power, beauty and ability to transcend  language , raceand belief systems. Other days I grapple with questions like - why is it so expensive to participate in and consume it? Why won't my voice work to do this piece justice?

But in the end, the magic and the shared experiences it fosters brings me back...
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